At SPEC-X, we believe technology is an essential tool for community, culture, business, and life. It embodies a unique power to translate creativity into achievement, enable high-energy and high-performance environments, and connect imagination with opportunity. Without a doubt, technology transforms the way we all live, learn, and work.

Doing our best, our way.

We specialize in information technology and physical security planning for clients in the healthcare, education, commercial, and government sectors. Our expertise is inextricably linked to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of a building, so we work closely with our peers in these complementary disciplines. Our practice began in 2012 with a dream of providing an alternative to the often encumbered, sometimes bureaucratic reality of working in large organizations. We wanted to spend all of our time working with clients and remove the barriers that slow down progress.

We are obsessed with bringing focus and value to every project. We hope to help you avoid the kind of mistakes and oversights that can lead to problematic and dangerous situations. And, we aim to do so in a manner that feels supportive of you.

Think like a big firm. Act like a start up.

A lot of specialty firms operate in a risky zone for clients because they focus on one technical discipline; we do not. We take a look at the bigger picture, paying attention to all the details and ensuring that we understand everything that should be accomplished and integrated. Having worked in market-leading large companies for most of our careers, we come from systems-thinking backgrounds. And, we’re also a little wild at heart. Since we’re forever curious about what’s next, you’ll find us in hot pursuit of better ways to make new technical capabilities real. Imagine engineers as entrepreneurs. That’s how we roll.

It’s not about our expertise; it’s about the experiences we create.

Your project and goals are our obsession. We value what you are looking to accomplish through our design, and we focus on giving you exactly what you need. We incorporate unprecedented techniques in pre-visualization and schematic design, such as storyboarding and animation modeling, to clearly illustrate cutting-edge design concepts and communicate the true business value of your system’s design. We also never neglect the traditional methods, such as security risk assessments. Our goal is to leave you with a better security and building blueprint.

By emphasizing UX at every level of design and post-occupancy, we deliver faster and more effectively at any budget level. Get in touch, and we’ll talk you through how we can support you best.