Good design is obvious.  Great design is transparent.

Our designer philosophy is the heartbeat of our company. Every happy customer and successful project began with focused, insightful, and collaborative conversations. Those conversations define expectations, performance requirements, areas where flexibility will be needed, and the metrics for success.

By combining in-depth experience with our proven processes, SPEC-X provides a uniquely powerful project experience. We are innovative and flexible when guiding clients through the options that make sense for their needs and providing insights drawn from our relevant experience.

Good design is focused on locating devices and coordinating spaces. Great design connects these technical decisions with end user performance, operational efficiencies, and reducing total cost of ownership. Our outcome is providing clients with an ecosystem of technologies and electronic security systems that support both their day-one business requirements, as well as their requirements for many years to come.

We are a different kind of consultant with different processes, different priorities, and better outcomes.

At SPEC-X, your experience is our highest priority. Whether we are supporting you with expertise in program management, infrastructure design, or communications networks, delivering value to you drives us to deliver more. We measure our own performance by the advantages we bring to your projects, team members, budget management, and end user benefit.

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Design Engineering

SPEC-X provides complete engineering capabilities for low voltage and infrastructure systems. Our teams include highly experienced consultants and professional engineers who specialize in low voltage and infrastructure systems. Fluent in all aspects of BIM, AutoCAD, 3D coordination, and visualization simulation platforms, we provide the best set of deliverables to address your requirements.

DAS & Wireless Engineering

As nearly every project sought to include more detailed engineering services for wireless networks and distributed antenna systems, SPEC-X built a team of highly qualified and well-resourced engineers to deliver success. Our teams work closely with end users, architectural design teams, and project partners to provide decision-support consultation and engineering-level design services to customers around the country.

Communications & Enterprise Networks

Beyond the cabling stands the backbone of every technology enterprise – routers, switches, and communications systems. SPEC-X enterprise architects and network engineers provide full-service design and deployment management services to end users and design partners. Tailored to your project needs, our team will support you with carrier engagement, network design and retrofit, unified communications design, migration planning and management, mission-critical environments, and network IT risk assessment.

Program Management

Some projects require a strategic perspective to map scopes to business need, organize delivery milestones, structure complex scopes of work, define integrations between multiple systems, and organize complex teams of designers and partners. SPEC-X provides a proven process for managing complex technology design and deployment projects. Our teams consist of highly qualified, deeply experienced managers to ensure projects are effectively scoped, competently staffed, and successfully deployed.

Network Security

Strong network integrated security systems not only help keep your sensitive data safe but also improve system efficiencies and workflow. Our team of network security experts leverages years’ experience in the real world to help you architect the more efficient and secure network. Whether you want to implement new technology or upgrade an existing network, give us a call.