When it comes to security, your safety is only as good as your plan.

Will your plan just include technologies and electronics? Will your plan consider personnel, policy, and procedures? Will your plan include ongoing maintenance, operational changes, and training? When emergencies break out, each of these elements is suddenly required to perform seamlessly with the others. Your safety depends on upon it. Your safety and operations depend on how your systems, people, and procedures will respond together in an emergency. This is why the SPEC-X team includes physical security specialists, training experts, and system engineers. The success of your project depends on each one of them integrating each of one of your resources into a seamless, highly-functioning security solution.

Most of today’s industry consultants have built their project scopes and processes around decades-old thinking that siloes technologies from policy and procedure. Their project approach dives into placing and specifying devices such as cameras, CCTV security, and card access systems. This task, while important, is actually one of the later activities in planning your security solution. It’s simply not possible to successfully design your security technologies without evaluating risks, measuring threats, and planning how your people and procedures would respond. When device placement cuts to the front of the line, critical physical security planning activities are skipped. The end result is a critical misalignment of technologies and a process that is not apparent until an emergency breaks out, and your ability to respond is inadequate. The status quo approach leaves customers with a false perception of safety as well as a security apparatus that requires rework and realignment.

SPEC-X proprietary planning process repairs the disconnect. 

The success of your project depends on our ability to integrate the full breadth of your security resources into a seamless, highly functioning solution that responds to emergencies with speed and efficiency. We begin with location and situational assessments as well as risk and mitigation profiles to determine the scope of threats your facility will encounter. We work with you to determine how your people, policies, procedures, and systems can be best integrated to improve safety. We strategically apply best-fit technologies to complement your procedures and create force multipliers for your personnel.

Your safety is the highest priority. Regardless of how safe you think your building is, it takes seasoned experts collaborating together to maximize the performance of your security solution. Our goal is to make security simple and effective to ensure you have what you need when you need it.


Physical Security Assessments

SPEC-X offers clients a thorough analysis of security assets, as well as reviewing potential client-specific threats. This includes an audit of all technology systems associated with security and any existing security procedures. The end result of this evaluation is a complete overview of potential security risks, as well as recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Security Planning

Physical security planning and electronic security system design are ever-evolving specialties that require constant continuing education. SPEC-X invests considerable time and dollars to ensure that our team is well-versed in the most current technologies on the market. Drawing on years of practical experience, SPEC-X fosters intimate working relationships with clients and/or the client’s representatives. SPEC-X is often able to integrate systems together, maintaining safety while saving money. This allows for a complete, cost-effective design that not only falls within budget, but also fits into the company’s culture.

Master Planning

SPEC-X will ensure a client’s continued compatibility and functionality by constructing a set of design documents that will allow the systems planned for deployment to remain the same by issuing a set of standards. This saves time, money, and simplifies the process.

Security RFP-RFQ Preparation

SPEC-X offers preparation of RFP (request-for-proposal) and RFQ (request-for-qualifications) documents. RFP prep allows clients to take advantage of the bid process and receive the best possible pricing while still adhering to the standards and needs of the company. Incomplete documents lead to change orders and unbudgeted expenses. SPEC-X has years of bid work and contracting experience to protect the client and their bottom line. RFQ prep allows clients to select only the most qualified companies to enter into contract negotiations with.

Security Proposal Review

Review of integrator and manufacturer submitted proposals allows the client to ensure that the bidder’s designs fit the client’s needs, not the salesperson’s. This guarantees that systems are not over- or under-designed, both of which lead to additional time and expenses.

Peer Review

When a one person works on a single design for long periods of time, it becomes very easy to overlook simple elements. Peer reviews ensure that the design is complete and the system is buildable, and that all coordination with other trades has been addressed.

Residential Security Assessments

Home security is frequently overlooked and worrisome. Simply installing an alarm system does not always address the needs of the residence. Statics and location visits allow SPEC-X to offer a complete design solution that will allow clients to make educated decisions regarding their safety and security needs.


  • Active Shooter Scenarios, both in the classroom and as role-playing exercises
  • Coordination of Emergency Response, including multiple agency involvement
  • CPTED Principles
  • Electronic Security Design

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