When did engineering become more about specifications and codes than people? SPEC-X has spent years studying the way people interact with the technologies and systems we design. Building systems should be powerful extensions of the structure, empowering users, and streamlining workflows. With so much painstaking attention spent on architecting buildings that elevate the experience of occupants, we are mystified how most engineers will design systems with very little consideration for the experience of end users.

Historically, this is such a rare design quality that we couldn’t even find a proper vocabulary within our industry to define it. Eventually, we found that vocabulary in the software design world. In software, the experience of end users has become an obsession to the degree that an entire vocation has been developed around the discipline of User Experience. The shorthand for this discipline is UX.

At SPEC-X, UX is our DNA. Our very name evolved from our own obsession with UX. We see ourselves as engineering a collection of experiences that facilitate the performance needs of the project. In essence, we are SPECifying eXperiences (SPEC-X). User experience is the life source of our design philosophy. It’s the key metric for our ongoing extensive investment in project development tools. UX has become so embedded in the way our teams think and work, it’s muscle memory now.

Every design choice, every engineering detail, every nuance of how multiple systems integrate, even budgetary decisions can be traced and measured in terms of UX. For the uninitiated, all this sounds expensive, but it’s not. In reality, most project designs will spend lots of money on devices and equipment that won’t be needed. We simply steer the design toward the places it will have the most impact.

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